World Physiotherapy Day 2023 – Managing Arthritis Through Physiotherapy

World Physiotherapy Day is an occasion to celebrate the incredible work that physiotherapists do to improve the lives of individuals living with various health conditions. This year, our attention turns to arthritis – a chronic and often debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of physiotherapy in managing arthritis and how it can make a substantial

Signficance of developing a consistent work out routine for the development of your muscular health

Developing a consistent workout routine is essential for the development of muscular health. Our muscles are not only responsible for movement but also play a crucial role in metabolism and overall wellbeing. A regular workout routine helps to maintain and improve muscular health, which can have numerous benefits for physical and mental health. One of the main benefits of a consistent workout routine is

Muscles and how they help us

Muscles are one of the most intricate and fascinating systems in the human body. They are responsible for movement, posture, and the regulation of numerous bodily processes, such as metabolism and blood flow. However, in order to maintain healthy muscle growth and repair, individuals must understand the complexities of muscle composition and utilize appropriate strategies. Muscles are made up of thousands of individual muscle

Physio therapy in the Pacific

Athletes in the Pacific have unique needs when it comes to physiotherapy. The Pacific region encompasses a vast area, with diverse cultures, lifestyles, and environmental factors that can impact an athlete’s health and well-being. Here are some of the physiotherapy needs that athletes in the Pacific may have: Injury Prevention: With a warmer climate and outdoor sports, athletes in the Pacific are prone to

Importance of Muscle therapy in Sports and well being

Muscle therapy, also known as massage therapy, is an important aspect of sports performance and overall well-being. Here are some of the key reasons why: Reduces Muscle Tension: Muscle therapy can help to reduce muscle tension and soreness, which can occur after exercise or as a result of stress. This can lead to better flexibility, increased range of motion, and improved circulation. Prevents Injury:

Eat Smart Campaign – Active Physio Fix

Thank you chef Julz Henao for sharing some insight with us on your Eat Smart Campaign and for trusting our service. Living a healthy lifestyle will help reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases like stroke, diabetes and heart diseases. Important!! ●Mental Health ● Exercise – Stay Active ● Food and Nutrition – Eat Smart ● Rest & Recovery ● Physiotherapy At Active PhysioFix we

PNGRU upskilling players in first aid

First aid is an important component of the game that the PNG Rugby Union recognises as part of their High Performance training and education programs. In conducting the World Rugby First Aid and Concussion Level 1 certification training, course facilitator and PNGRU head physiotherapist Hendriella Vilosi said there are two parts –– the online component –– plus the practical component with the medical educators.

Upskilling & Training

Our team of Physiotherapists participated last week in a two part Masterclass series made possible by the Australian High Commission Papua New Guinea , KUMUL Consolidated Holdings , PNG Olympic Committee and PNG Sports Foundation. The Team PNG Performance Strategy has a focus area that looks at upskilling local and elite sport science and sports medicine practitioners in order to excel our Team PNG


“YOU should take up physiotherapy,” Hendriella’s father, a Doctor by profession suggested to her after returning from the annual medical symposium in 2007. The discussion during the symposium that year was about the need for physiotherapy in the country. Hendriella Vilosi who comes from a mixed parentage of Bougainville and East New Britain province was doing grade 11 then. She had not decided on